Recently, I completed a strenuous five-day workout course known as Hell Week. As you might imagine based on the name, it took quite a monumental effort…and I got a t-shirt for my trouble! Beyond that, though, I got the greatest gift you can give yourself: the gift of health. Being in shape and physically strong is greater than any t-shirt (having said that, it is a pretty great t-shirt).

Health and the Hell Week shirt.
                           The spoils of Hell Week.

All of this got me thinking about how important health is to those of us in the real estate business. The fact is, it is a very demanding industry. For the unprepared, every week could turn into Hell Week! It is a business without limits, a business devoid of closing times and off days. Sure, you set your own schedule, and you’re free to take time off and set limits to your working hours to your heart’s content. But some clients won’t wait, and some situations don’t halt just because you’ve made yourself unavailable. Real estate is a 24-7 business, and if you’re in it for the long haul, you’d best be prepared for quite a marathon.

That’s why real estate agents would be well advised to keep themselves in shape. It’s not necessary to spend all day in the gym (nor should you; those leads won’t follow up on themselves!), but it’s amazing the difference it makes when you’re healthy. Running between appointments for sixteen hours a day gets a lot easier when you spend a little time running on the treadmill. Otherwise, the physical toll of the job can get to you. There are staircases to climb, lunches to skip and neighborhoods to door knock. It’s hard enough doing these things with the occasional cold, let alone with general everyday physical sluggishness. Health may not be the sole determining factor of real estate success, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

This extends beyond physical health, too. Keeping yourself mentally strong is incredibly important as well. A large number of agents are big on positive affirmations, motivational seminars and intensive coaching. There’s a reason for this: the business requires intense mental toughness! Competition is beyond fierce, as the Bay Area is essentially a shark tank filled with knowledgeable, intelligent and experienced realtors. In order to compete, one must be prepared, one must be motivated, and one must be strong. And each deal is its own struggle, as countless factors must be taken into account, and unexpected problems can arise at any moment. The best way to deal with these issues is to remain cool, calm and collected, and personal affirmations and gatherings of like-minded individuals can give just the support you need to make this possible.

In short, real estate isn’t easy, but there are many things an agent can do to make it easier for him or herself. It can be hard to find the time to work out or to get oneself calm and centered mentally, due to the fact that there is just so much going on at any given moment. But a little extra effort to take care of oneself pays dividends, as it leads to so much more energy and focus to make more efficient use of one’s time. And, best of all, it will help you live longer to enjoy your success!

I hope you enjoyed this little rumination on the importance of health in the real estate industry. Please leave any feedback in the comments section, and have a wonderful, healthy day!