We’re just about two months into 2017, and in the Bay Area, it’s been raining incessantly the entire time. Considering the massive drought California has been enduring for years now, the rain is a welcome change of pace, but at this point, the ground is oversaturated, rivers and reservoirs are overflowing, and the pendulum of water has swung from “not enough” to “too much.” On the other hand, spring is right around the corner, and the warming weather and ample rains guarantee one thing this year: growth. Fortunately, the recent expansion of my team has mirrored this phenomenon. Just as spring blossoms with soon mark the passage of the seasons, my team-building efforts are coming to fruition.

For example, a wonderful agent by the name of Kristina Kesovija recently joined the team. Kristina is a joy to work with and a valuable addition to our squad.

Kristina, the force behind our latest expansion

One exciting aspect of working with Kristina is the possibility of expanding our collective business. For example, right now we’re co-listing a great condo together: 3 Merritt Avenue in Oakland, CA.

3 Merritt Ave Oakland CA 94609-large-001-2-Front-1500x1000-72dpi                                3 Merritt Ave Oakland CA 94609-large-003-3-Living Room View-1500x1000-72dpi

Now, Oakland is quite a drive from my home base in the South Bay, so while I love doing business out there, the journey is so time-consuming that it’s not always feasible to do by myself. But now, with the expansion of my team to include Kristina, I don’t have to do it by myself. I have a wonderful agent who can act as my support system and makes sure the listing gets the attention it deserves despite its distance from our office.

This is the case with all the agents on my team. We work together to achieve greater results than we could ever achieve alone, and our collective business flourishes as a result. We have a higher capacity for listings than ever, while maintaining our exacting standards of quality and care with each.

In addition, working as a team allows us to all benefit from the same marketing and techniques. For example, if I have three open houses scheduled for the same time, I can’t possibly cover all of them. With my team, the open houses I cannot attend personally are getting covered by people I not only know and trust, but that I work closely with. We are all on the same page in terms of the aspects of the home to highlight, in-depth insight into its status and qualities, and a proper, consistent approach to market it. We are able to present a unified message across our entire team regardless of who is present.

This is not to say that I have any desire to be an absentee agent.  I have a very personal investment in real estate; it is my passion, and it is extremely important to me that I am present and involved in each of my listings. But I’m also one person, only capable of existing in a single space at one time, and the ability to have multiple people with the same vision under the same umbrella in multiple places at once immensely increases my efficiency. And with increased efficiency comes expansion.

The Elena Johal team continues to grow, and I have no doubt the best is yet to come. Thank you for joining me along this journey and allowing me to share my thoughts with you.